Are you looking for an embed weather widget on your website? If yes is your answer, let us present our HTML Weather Widget and how can you install it. The Weather Widget is an embed widget that works with every location in the world. Your job is to only fill out the mandatory fields. Our FREE Weather Widget will generate a unique Weather HTML code to put on your website. Now, you may notice that there is an address to put along with the city, but this field is only put for better precision of the weather widget. An api-key is available free on OWM.


The benefits of a weather widget on your website

Whether you want your widget to show a two or ten kilometer radius of your zone, show map or radar view or even need it to be longer in width, it’s possible. The Weather Widget lets you tailor your embed weather box as you like it. If you are still unsure about how a weather widget may help your website, let us present the benefits of having one. First and foremost, the weather reflects everyone. It may make us better decisions, skip troubles or in a nutshell, make plans regarding to it. Therefore, everyone needs to be informed about weather – and in reality, we are informed about it at every step.

However, when placed on a website, a HTML weather widget creates great value for your followers. Whether it’s just a fitness blog, a magazine website or your eCommerce shop, letting your visitors know when will be the right time to practice what you are saying – or even visit your offices – is important.

Your website can now get the update it needs – with the Embed Weather Widget that is easy to install as A-B-C. You, on the other hand, will help your site visitors stay warm, dry and safe by letting them know the forecast and the current weather conditions. Aside from that, our FREE weather widget will definitely help your site improve its local authority and increase its value. Your site visitors will get a small value even when they browse through your home page!

Let your visitors find out the weather forecast in style – with the sleek and easy to generate Embed Weather Widget!